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December 29, 2007


What a wonderful list! Mine 'still' has only the one entry: "Still changing and evolving and rebuilding myself." It has become less fearful and more a daily excitement. I have learned to look forward to changes now that I'm instigating them.

Congrats on the 3.95! After all that angst over the Web Design, I'm so pleased for you that you did so well!

Your list could be my list for the most part. Also I don't think I know what a mini is. I'm so out of touch I still think a mini is a skirt and I'm pretty sure you're not talking about a skirt.

Great idea! I'm working on my list and I'll link back when it's done.

Happy New Year MP!

I did a post of stills. Yikes now I need to do a post on wishes.

I love your still list.
I can relate to many!

Hi MotherPie. First, thanks for your visit and comment at Politics Plus.

Still forging ahead, lest I fall back

Still struggling, one day at a time, to remove Bush and the GOP from power.

For the jeans, try Talbot's.

Still... me too. :-)

God bless~ Pearl

I'm still looking forward to the best years of my life!

I agree with Les - your list could be my list for the most part too! I think you should get the convertible Mini and paint it green. My mom did that with her last car.
Happy New Year!!

Hattie, this is definitely an interesting list and one that I thought I would take up before I had even seen you had tagged me. It needs some thought though, but I will definitely do it.
Much, much better than New Year's Resolutions! :)

What comes after "still hoping" ? For what?

Love it!!!! I'm gonna think on this and post one of my own!!!!

Still finding inspiration in your responses, and still, still considering giving this one a whirl!

Good list and I've taken your challenge and posted one at my place this morning.

Great list! I'm still considering writing my own. And by the way, Antique Mommy, A Mini is a car (a Mini Cooper), and I have one--bright red! Do get one, MP. Mine is not a convertible (after all, I live in Chicago), but it's a little car worth loving.

Seniorwriter (of "Never too Late!" and "Wirte your Life!")

Great list. Inspiration for me to write my own. I came here via Ronni Bennett.
Great blog!

I posted mine this morning

Great list, MotherPie! I finally got around to creating my own this morning -- not as easy a task as I thought it would be.

Still glad I met you, interested in reading your posts, and happy that you read mine! Happy New Year! (I had fun doing your meme.)

Still loving my family. Still hoping the war would end. Still trying to lose weight. Still thankful for my incredible kids! Still incredulous that people don't realize what a serious problem there is with teenagers and young adults doing drugs and binge drinking...and the repercussions of same. Still having trouble staying on a budget. Still employing the mindset of "one for for me" as I Christmas shop ! Still adore all animals;especially dogs and alpacas! Still amazed at my mother and my mother in law in the 80's ! They are a role model for aging!

Happy New Year to you, motherpie, and all the Pie Family !

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