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December 29, 2007


I found this post at Mining Nuggets. Loved her list and love yours as well. I'll write my own tomorrow. Even if I don't post it, it will be fun and inspiring.

Blessings for a wonderful 2008.

What a great post! Great idea too. I had to finish my top 10 books of 2007, but I just posted My 'Still' Piece at

I just posted mine, thanks for the prompt!

I'm new here, I tracked back here from Antique Mommy after reading her "Still" list. I posted one of my own on my blog. Thanks for the neat idea!
I enjoyed reading your list - and all of the other lists that yours inspired! :)

I found this through Antique Mommy's Still list, and just had to do it too! Love your list!

I too am still looking for that elusive pair of perfect jeans. Still. Let me know when you find yours.

Motherpie, this is a lovely way to reflect on the year, and the future. In stillness. I'm finding my way back to the blog world after living the holidays. I will think/work on this one.

So far, I must say, without too much planning, and primarily reflecting in stillness, this year is turning out to be very nice.

Still a bit jet lagged around here! But I certainly admire your list.
Best wishes

I read your list a while ago. Got me working on mine. Came back to it again today. About tattoos - Last summer I was in San Francisco with my daughter, Julia, and her ex-girlfriend Kristara. We were there to take Julia to college, Kristara and I suffering impending loss. It was my 57th birthday and Kristara wanted to buy me my first tattoo, a star that Julia had suggested. I did it. I was flush with pride. Who would have thought?

I have had a "tethered month" so to speak, yet I have responded to your wonderful prompt here, I am untethered. Thank you-- it was a wonderful reflection.

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