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December 18, 2007


We're looking more and more toward less spending, since we seem to have less money. We typically try to find local food products for folks that live in other states. The kids get crafts or games. Although we did just get the full set of 8 seasons of "Keeping Up Appearances: The Full Bouquet" for both of our mothers. Barnes and Noble wanted $123. We found it on Amazon for $76.

I would be content not to get any stuff and just enjoy the time with my family all together.

Out doing a little shopping and looking at the women's and children's clothing in stores like JCPenney's and Kohl's I marveled for the first time that a lot of the clothes have really ugly dull colors and uglier patterns. The fabric feels very synthetic even while it says it's 100% cotton. I went to the little girls section and there are a lot of the same colors and patterns there. It looks really cheap. Has anyone else noticed this???

One of my favorite gifts I'm giving this year is a promise to make my dad's favorite pie, just like his favorite aunt used to make. There's a box, all wrapped up, containing a pie plate and the dry ingredients, plus a photo copy of the recipe in my aunt's handwriting.

I guess my giving has changed a little bit.

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