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December 31, 2007


sometimes it can be a scary world for adults too. :O
Especially if your a Vet.

A horror story that ends well! Like the tales of our childhood
Happy New Year

I had a friend bitten by a brown recluse spider and almost died. I grew up around snakes, snakes, snakes, poisonous ones like copperheads, corals, cottonmouth (water moccasin), and of course rattle snakes. I was out with my son and a friend once and a large alligator had just eaten another man's dog, it caused you to look around quite a bit before you stepped! For me, there was a lot more than sharks to be concerned with. On orally passing down stories, I too grew up and wondered why we were taught songs like "ring around the rosies" and a hundred more, that all were about death. Maybe you are correct, they were there for a purpose.

So, was he training the gator? I wasn't sure...

It looks like bad english "they just laid down and died" but when things are passed down orally, I'm not sure of the orality of the spelling. Re-reading my post made me eve more aware of the move from orality to visual traditions...

I hear and read that our society is fairly death-phobic. I wonder about the origin of these songs. Maybe back in a time or in a society when death was more integrated into people's lives these songs weren't so scary. I sang ring around the rosies to my kids before I ever even knew what it was about. Good parenting on my part, huh?!

I agree with Allison... I think we're more "death-phobic" than we ever were before. That and more "visual", as you said MotherPie.

I opt out of both these things. I prefer to believe when it's my time, it's my time... and I don't want to see when "the time" hits for others either.

Blessed ignorance... I love it.

God bless all for a happy and healthy new year~ Pearl

My son and his friends killed a baby rattlesnake in a friend's backyard a few years ago. Our old neighborhood had mountain lions and coyotes when we lived there. But really, I'm more afraid of my teens driving and of the potentially dangerous choices they can make. Maybe I should compose a song about them.

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