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January 23, 2008


Yes, hen friends, have become really important to me in the last 4-5 years. Just wish I had a few that didn't live so far away. Hard to break into small town clicks, or should I say chicks? lol

very very important!

So my book club should be renamed The Hen Club, perhaps? And PTA should become HTA? Never thought of it that way...

We birds of a feather stick together!

I have a collection of hen and rooster related things; this is a very popular theme with many!

This reminds me of your earlier post about folk art and roosters (or forgive me, was it roosters?!) You bring up a good point? Is this really why it's so popular with so many women? I can't stop thinking of my Mom whenever I see them, and her collection... how hollow it feels without her, as I face life with these 5 wonderful men in my life... I digress...

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