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January 01, 2008


Don't you think Bill Richardson will end up a cabinet member, though??

After spending 30 years in the business world, the unfortunate part of all of this, is that there are maybe two people, in all of these numbers from both parties, that could make it in that world. Running a country is business, and it requires skills in negotiation (foreign affairs), marketing (of domestic programs and of the USA to the world), finance (the country runs on a rather large corporate type budget), management( of the hundreds of departments), accounting (reporting it all like companies do every quarter), economics (the fed and our economy), legal (lawmakers make laws), real estate, and of course domestic and foreign policy and strategy. These people work part time at best (check what the average yearly session is), and the rest of the time they are running for re-election. It offends me when I hear "go with me and all of my experience". Most wouldn't last long in a real job. So, we have 10 months and then choose the best of the worst.

I do hope Richardson is named to be part of the next administration. He'd make a great Sec. of State.

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