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January 19, 2008


Our next "best chance" will come when we hopefully "carefully" choose our next President. Anyone who thinks it doesn't matter should take a look at the last 8 years. I bet most of those people on that Santa Fe corner probably did not vote last election. Stop and ask if they have an answer or just want to gripe about the situation. When Americans care enough , that 90% of eligible voters first vote, then speak their mind to their elected officials, then we will get what a "majority" would like to see. Smart people come up with answers, but when 30% care enough to be part of the process, then the missing 70% are sorely missed.

Well, since you referenced me, I will have to say, the world learned a lesson from Kent State. At TCU, (conservative, private Christian college), we sat in a huge circle and just sat. Peaceful, but making a statement. Some there didn't even know why they went, except we were just out of class and someone said that everyone was going to a sit-in. Never thought I would marry a Viet Nam war vet. He still can't talk about it.

War is hell...isn't that the truest statement?! But, wonder why no one protested WWII? Because of Pearl Harbor? Well, what about the 9/11? I don't know the answers. Personally, I won't encourage my son to join up and go give his life in Afghanistan or Iraq. My son drove around all during high school in a jeep with a bumper sticker..."Free Tibet". Funny. My son is the one who exposed me to the saying..."peace, out". When he hangs up the phone, he says that meaning,"peace to you...I'm out". So I took it up. Me a 58 year old "peace-nik". Why can't we all just get along???? Because some won't play fair. Peace, out.

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