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January 29, 2008


That's great!

Yeah, I've got that quote in my b**gs, or in my drafts -- but I added: "Except for Obama." Which made everything right with the world.

ohhhh this is beautiful!

I just don't know who the heck to vote for. I like the national enthusiasm for Obama, and think he will win it all. Hard to neglect the power of the Kennedy's endorsement. Obama is new blood and new energy. I respect McCain, but believe the Republicans are not going to be electable, no matter who they run. Standing on my platform of environment, end the war, and health care. Just saw the movie "Children of Men", and it is filmed in 2027 and it is scarey as hell, thought provoking, and depressing. We gotta do somethin' NOW!!! Or our children and grandchildren will be living in a place like the place in that movie. Geez! Watch it! I want change. I want hope. That seems to be Obama. But did he snub Hillary at the state of the union address? I don't think he would do something that stupid. Also, love that her campaign is distancing itself from Billary. Peace, out.

ps....LOVE the word "Electile Dysfunction"...brilliant !

I'm thinking of translating this into French ;)
Something like Dysfonctionnement electile... maybe...

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