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January 18, 2008


1.Three children. I had my first child before 25, second one at 25, but added one more a few years later. And like you, I am so blessed with who they have grown to be.

2.Travel around and sing as much as I have with my husband and in a quartet.

3.Have a profession that I LOVE, that challenges me and I don't feel underemployed.

4.Lived in rural Oklahoma for 14 years. It was never on my radar, but turned out to be a great place to raise our children.

5.Still have my first husband, and all the hard work that has entailed! (Now to qualify that - his father died very young and that's what I was afraid would happen. Not the alternative.)

Where I am now and things I would have never believed when I was 25 about where things are now:
1. That I would be on my third husband and third marriage.
2. That my father would have died at such a young and untimely age.
3. That I would be working as an RN...still working in the nursing field...12 hour the ER. I fought against being a nurse my whole nursing career. It used to be such an oppressed profession. It is the hardest job one can imagine; but now we call the Drs. by their first names and they ask ME what I think...go figure. I have never had to look for a job and make pretty decent money. So in the end it was a pretty good professional choice.
4. That I would be living in the mountains of New Mexico; my lifelong dream and that I would love to visit my new favorite place the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas.
5. That I would miss my grandparents soooo much and think of them every day. That I would lose my dear, dear friends Cookie and Billy, my hairdresser, at a young age. They were my life line at 25...we all thought we would live forever.
6. This one is one to grow on...I never dreamed my life would happen in reverse and that it would be for a good reason. At 25 I was married to a Dr., didn't work, had money to burn, spent my days going to lunch at the country club and taking tap and ballet classes and shopping. All my friends from college were struggling and I was jetting off to Puerta Vallarta five times a year. Now I am nearly 59, and I am working like a dog (as a nurse) country club, no shopping sprees, no trips to Puerta Vallarta, no time or money for dance classes, in a modest home, my mother- in-law living with me, buying my new favorite boots off ebay because they were $100 cheaper there, Target is my favorite store...BUT I am happy (most of the time), and I am wiser, and I realize you don't have to have money to be happy. Wasn't I wise doing my life in reverse? Otherwise, I would have spent my whole youth thinking...if I had money and power and success and beauty, I would be happy. I had ALL of that and I wasn't. Now I am looking at 60 and carrying around 25 pounds I'd like to lose, looking at a face that used to be the face of a girl who modeled! The little wild spirit I was at 25, is a wiser woman with realistic expectations. What hasn't changed is, I am still hungry for knowledge of how to arrive at a place in my soul of serenity, peace, and joy. So I wander on through this life and search for that elusive butterfly. But all who wander are not lost.

Carron, that was beautiful.

Thank you, Allison. I love to write...sometimes I even write something others enjoy reading! I know you are from here and would love to meet you sometime...aren't you from my brother's high school? We always love our drive through eastern Oklahoma on our way to Arkansas; we feel like we are almost there when the rolling hills start to pop up!

Blessings to you on journey...Carron

Carron, next time we head out there, girl, I would love to meet you, too. Yes, I do know your brother from way back when, and I feel fortunate to count his brilliant wife as a new friend! It is a comfort to know there are others we can travel this road called life with, even if through the internet.

remarkable how claude has convinced some of us, reluctant as she, to do this. maybe it was that hers was the 3rd time i'd been asked. still do not quite "get it" but now can say, been there, done that in the curious blogworld.

I think I'll do this one on my blog when I recover from the plague (and after I do Poppet's meme). This one is cool.

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