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February 18, 2008


Just last week I was challenging my students to THINK about what the candidates were saying, to go beyond the snippets and soundbites. I loved the article Dumbing of America. I plan to have my students read that for an assignment and write a reaction paper. Thanks for always making me think!!

Brilliant! Now I don't have to research all this for myself. You have done it!
I wonder if there are enough people like me around who think when politicians say "I" they are taking responsibility for who they are and what they stand for. When they say "you" they mean they are telling me who I am and what I think, which I do not like. When they say "we" they are including me in a group I may or may not want to belong to.
And "they..." well, that's another story, isn't it?
Every little pronoun has a meaning all its own.
Yes, it is quite a fascinating election year.

Aargh! But of course the Democrats will have to pony up to the machine that the Republicans have developed in order to compete against their tactics. Yes, an interesting year, especially with all the commentary from you and the articles you reference.

Very interesting, Ms. Pie. Nice piece.

did i mention when you posted it that the obama poster--quite striking--seems very 1930s to me. that time in u.s. and italy reflected in woodcut style, bold colors.

local public radio had good program about sarah boxer's BLOG book. more than the book deserves but intriguing bloggers exchanging. posted about it; you might be interested.

the question I keep asking myself is, "what are the candidates saying"?
It's like I'm listening to the same commercial over and over again.

Excellent piece here. Language is so critical, can be of such subtle influence even when the words are obvious, but so many so naive about that fact.

Great stuff as always, Mother!
(I've been away for a long time, but,in the words of Hannibal Lecter, "I need to come out of retirement and return to public life," lol).

Hope youre well!

I think its so interesting what youre getting into here, youve really nailed it: The subtext and significance of the message beyond the sound and surface structure of the word.

Semiotics is an area that really needs to be brought into the realm of new media studies more. Its a key discipline I think. As I say these days, I don't want to hire J-school grads, I want bloggers with interests in sociology, epistemology, semiotics, and network theory. Thats what future journalists will be made of...

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