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February 02, 2008


I'm rooting for Obama -- and now perhaps he really WILL solve some of the Indian problems. We can hope.

I am glad to see that there has been some progress in this longstanding case. I don't know how much Obama will help - I think he is just using the tribes for political purposes. Did anyone else notice that Exxon made a 40 billion dollar profit this year alone? If Wampum's theory is right, then they should be able to refund the accounts.

Native Americans have been getting the shaft for hundreds of years... and continue to do so.

Except, imo, they have one revenge. There's Indian land-based casinos going up all over the country. There's one about 10 miles from me that's pretty recent... and extremely busy! Hundreds of thousands of white men and women are being separated from their money everyday at these places. Hundreds of thousands of white men and women are losing their life savings, homes, and everything else... at the Indian casinos.

So the Native Americans are getting some revenge and it's coming to the tune of billion$ of dollar$ every year.

If we had everyone following biblical principles, from the get-go, none of this would have happened. *sigh*

One in the Body~ Pearl

By "none of this would have happened" I mean that the Native Americans would not have been mistreated either.

Just to clarify~ Pearl

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