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February 22, 2008


You ask some potent questions re privacy in terms of what we're willing to give up. Already I think we may have given up more than most people realize, or allow themselves to think about.

this is food for thought...I will ponder it.
I do think privacy should have a new definition though...

This is a great post looking at the implications of technology on privacy. I work for Six Apart (the makers of TypePad), and I do want to clarify one point you made about the Quantcast privacy policy, and give you a bit of background about why we are working with them.

We work with Quantcast - as do thousands of other online publishers - as a neutral third party provider of online analytics. They are building an "Open Internet Ratings Service" to help publishers understand more about their visitors. But they do not collect any personal information about you or your readers. The exclusion you quote from their privacy policy is only related to any content that visitors to their own site ( submit on their blog ( or any other forums they develop on their site. That section does not pertain to information you post to your blog on TypePad, or any comments that your readers post to your blog on TypePad.

We are working with Quantcast on ways that we can bring their analytics tools to TypePad users as an enhancement to our existing stats system. Understanding visitor behavior and having better stats is one of our top feature requests for TypePad, and that's why we're working closely with Quantcast to help us deliver enhancements to that feature.

We take your privacy very seriously, and TypePad gives you options to protect your identity and even protect your content from public view. We obviously don't want this to stop you from blogging! Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions! My email address is

Michael... just shows you Typepad is a great blogging company that you would respond so quickly to this blog post with valuable information. I didn't get such a response through my query internally in the help section so I'm glad to see these questions answered here.

Of course, I'm glad to help, and I'm glad I was able to clarify this for you. Thanks for blogging on TypePad!

I got ahold of one of them things the other day and made a phone call on it. No email surfing, no pictures, just a call home. Am I in trouble?

I just discovered your blog. I really appreciate how you sum up the current industry exchanges in just a few paragraphs. Thanks for the updates and keep them coming.

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