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February 19, 2008


I think about how much technology "knows" about me whenever I use a plastic card. Every purchase is tracked, along with my choices and preferences. The only things I want to be transparent about me are my intentions - as I strive for them to always be sincere and honest. Eye, I, aye, this is disturbing.

Henry James believed the eyes were the seat of the soul, as I just read in his novel *The Europeans.* People in his day had "character" and most had very few representations of themselves. Those were very different times.

Fascinating Post. You know, I do a lot of yoga, and I actually struggle with this third-eye concept. Many of the yoga poses I do stress the importance of focusing on the third eye, while silently chanting Sat Nam. As the third eye is the spot of wisdom. However, I often get lost here... I do much better when I focus on my heart for answers. Things seem more complete in heart than in the third eye.
Fascinating about the Kohl-- at first, I just thought they were trying to be sexy!

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