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February 23, 2008


I love when your write about water issues. This is something I try to educate people about. I see people wasting it everywhere, letting it run down the drain, over watering their grass etc. My lectures typically fall on deaf ears. I've had very intelligent people tell me "Oh they will find a way to purify ocean water and we have plenty of that". I could smack em!

I sometimes look at our stuff and it almost brings me to tears, then I look at other peoples stuff, that I will have to deal with as well, namely my folks. Yes... I take antidepressants just to get me through another day.

Health care is on my mind a lot lately as well. My life saving remicade went from $35 to $300 per infusion, in 2008. I certainly hope we elect a president that will make health care a priority. I always say if it hasn't effected you yet, it will. It will touch someone you know and love.

Sorry that you can easily comment on my site. If it's easier you have my email, right? Kirk left a comment for you on my site if you missed it.

Most of the crops that go to ethanol production are feed crops -- not food crops. During ethanol production there are co-products produced which are excellent animal feed called distiller's grains. The primary factors driving food prices worldwide are energy costs, shortages due to drought in certain parts of the world -- like Australia, and increased demand due to growing economies in places like China and India. Yes ethanol production has some secondary impact due to land-use patterns, but it has received a lot of blame for rising food prices that really should not be attributed to it.

Well,golly, Ron has got to get his money from SOMEWHERE.

I wish I could send you some of our Hilo rain. We got more than 30 inches in three days, which was a tad more than we needed.
Very good posting, as usual. Have you read Didion on water and the west? As a newcomer, you may not know that water has always been the main issue in those parts; there has never been enough of it. Years may go by when there is not a drop of rain in parts of the West, as happened in California not that long ago.

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