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February 06, 2008


It has been a bit warmer than average and quite dry in Lubbock this winter. Last week we had blizzard conditions for about 2 hours, then the sun came out. Our city leaders are planning other sources for our water due to the sinking level of our primary water source- Lake Meredith by Amarillo.

We have a little burg up at the Cascade foothills that has 12 feet of snow. They want to lynch Al Gore.

I know, I need to face reality but this stuff really hurts. It truly does. But, I did read an article somewhere, maybe the WSJ, by a scientists (it was an letter to the editor) who said that global warming or not, this is just part of our planet's evolution... look at how the climate has changed since Jurasic age.

I agree with Susie. I live in the mountains and it used to be under water. We have a lake that used to be a desert nearby. I know for a fact that we have greenhouse gasses, but I also know for a fact that the worlds climate has changed on it own, for millions of years, without our interaction and it wasn't cars back then that changed it. We have mountains carved by glaciers, so the ice was everywhere and has been melting, everywhere, since the ice age. Ask a geologist .

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