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February 13, 2008


Yes, indeed, that is fine art. Don't you just love Obama? (Me too.)

He may be slick and hip, but the based on the fact that he has promised health care, free college, no deficit, a chicken in every pot, the bill will be presented to someone (in a hip way I am sure). I would need to know how this perfect society will be paid for. Sounds great though!

I'm not up to date as regards the politics over there but this post sure is interesting. It shows the power of imagery and how it can greatly influence perception and public opinion.Anybody can look like a hero -- and a hip hero at that -- with visual magic!

Obamamania is slick and hip.
You have said it all.

Dennis wishes he had bought one of those posters!
Dennis hopes Obama will be our next President.

Is he so slick, though? There is such a broken country out there, yearning for someone to fix the neglect of 8 years. . .

We are so used to having clever advertising slogans and slick images thrown at us, we miss the fact that we are being manipulated to follow a path that we haven't really thought out sensibly.

The image is effective for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is that the color scheme strongly suggests the duality of his character.

While I think he's by far the best candidate (who has a chance of winning) this time around, I'm not going to hold me breath waiting for significant change. He's still to embroiled in big business for that to be likely.

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