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March 10, 2008


I too studied "the medium is the message" McLuhan in J school. I was lucky to have a prof we loved the man, and devoted an entire quarter to his teachings. It's funny, now, back in the 80s, where the medium was headed... videotext was just on the cusp, and thought to be the next greatest thing... and we analyzed McLuhan's quotes to the relevancy as it pertained to the current culture. Little do we know how much more vast the changes would be, and how truly profound McLuhan's words are today.
So, how does the blog change the life of the blogger? I know this is true for me. It does change what I choose to do in day, on many levels.

So many thoughts come to me as I read what you say here. It is an excellent summary of McLuhan's thought.
I studied the critical theorists in grad school and wrote papers on the subject of media and language. These days I'm more in the blogger mode.

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