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March 14, 2008


I want one! Too bad we've finished our graduate studies. Maybe universities should consider giving incoming freshmen this useful tool, instead of a laptop or iPhone.

Wow, it sounds a bit like the electronic book. Convenient, perhaps. Makes me miss my Moleskine, most certainly.

This definitely has promise for children with learning disabilities! Paper based computing - very interesting.

I'm trying to imagine how it works.

I’ve read your blog post of the Pulse smartpen and wanted to share some new commercial and demo videos that we just uploaded to the Livescribe YouTube channel:

From now until 12/31/08, you can get 5% off a Pulse smartpen at by using SCRIBE5A50 at checkout. Thanks, and enjoy the videos!

I wish I had one of those in college. I was always a horrible note-taker!

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