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March 08, 2008


You are exactly the kind of person I would want to help monitor the election/political scene. Go for it MPie! :) Spring-like cheers from west Texas.

I'll be helping voters register and may work on the election if I'm needed.
We have that war, and, as you said, our military is now preemptively bombing Sudan.
It's just hard to get all that out of my mind, somehow.
But I know what you mean. It seems as if life is going on and we are ignoring it because we're so wrapped up in this campaign season. We would like to live in more peaceful times, I'm sure. But we live in a highly militarized imperialistic state. Alas.

GreenDimes here,

Thanks for mentioning us. We appreciate it.

Thank you for the mention, Mother Pie. And, yes, this election season has gone on sooo long, and yet the tension of it doesn't dissipate. I find myself talking about it with nearly everyone I meet. There's never been a time like this!

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