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March 26, 2008


I think you are right that having parents alive keeps that wall of death at a distance. Now as an adult without living parents, I find it occupying my thoughts more frequently. Guess I better get busy on my bucket list before I'm in my croaker house!

I wish this were my croaker house. However, since I ALREADY have rheaumatoid arthritis, I suspect that the croaker house will need to be one level. And we may have to move anyway to get to a place with decent schools.

Croaker House -- I love it! I think you're right that as long as ones parents are still living we remain somewhat removed from the thoughts of demise -- for ourselves and maybe even them, too.

When I was in my fifties, trying to help my mother remain independent, despite eventual ensuing complications, my first thoughts about where she wanted to be her remaining years were stimulated. Fortunately, she was a very positive upbeat person, so our discussions were not depressing and negative. Actually, we had a few laughs.

I found out the hard way that choices I thought must be available were not, nor were the needed good providers. That's one reason why I think it's important to at least give thought to these matters before events can occur resulting in a dark and gloomy climate for such necessary discussions.

As the years progressed I became aware first hand (professionally) of all the government Medicare funds (yours and my taxes) paid to institutions to care for people who would much prefer to live elsewhere and could, at less cost, IF provisions were present to enable that scenario.

Fifty year olds today need to facilitate action to be in place when some of them may need it 15 or 20 years from now (or maybe their parents will need it before then.) IF Medicare is saved (presumed now to be broke in 10 more yrs or less)it will require much adjustment, so pressing for such a plan needs to start now. If our parents or we don't need to rely on Medicare for health care, there still will be many many people who will and would want such an option.

I'm not sure that having living parents made me fee1 young. Dealing with their problems made me feel old. Having grandkids sure livens me up, though.

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