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March 25, 2008


This is one of those phenomenons that makes me grateful we don't have TV right now. In the Queen's dance class, every last one of them has Hannah Montana stuff (except her, and since she doesn't know what it is, she doesn't miss it, yet). These are all 4- and 5-year-olds. One of the mothers is a second grade teacher and she said that at Halloween, 8 of her 10 girls dressed up as Hannah Montana. I have read about the problems of the online fan club and dues and not being able to get the ridiculously expensive concert tickets. I hope that Billy and Miley are looking seriously at these problems, because it is after all these fans that have loved her and made her a star.

Dad's SHOULD influence their children and the gentle nudge down certain "life" pathways is part of the role played. However, Dad's also have to listen and watch and see what their children are truly interested in, and support that, lest our children be forever limited to what we are in life. I found many things my children were interested in, and also very talented in, that I did not share the interest or talent, but I supported them. Poetry, music, travels, friends and groups, and the occasional "Miley Cyrus " type thing. As long as it wasn't fatal, or harmful, I gave them some room and watched closely. I love what my children have become. They chose wisely when given choices.

Father/Daughter duos are always the best. It's so sweet to see. Why is it that fathers always have a strong bond with their daughters. I never understood why. It just happens. Hmmmm... makes me wanna research the subject. LoL. You should have your husband and daughter tune in to the the Kids' Choice Awards. Mley/Hannah will be performing. She's also up for FAVORITE TV ACTRESS and FAVORITE TV SHOW. She'll most likely win. But you can show your daughter the website. It's full of fun stuff for her to do. ACtivities, a reeeeeeeeeally cool slimy KCA widget. Tons of activities that are fun for both daddy and daughter. Trust me, it'll be a good bonding experience. I've been working with Nick and I've been getting the word out to everyone. So go to to see what I'm talking about. you'll love it. Jack Black is hosting the event again this year. Kids love him. hahaha

Don't forrget!!

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Oh this is a topic to my heart... While I love my son equally, the father/daughter bond is simply magic. My daughter and I bond over Bollywood:

While my daughter also buys into the Miley/Hannah machine, and i do question her increasingly corporate empire building and pricing, I like Billy Ray's present but low key profile in the mix. Together they make a good role model, and Miley seems to have the right kind of support and stability that other starlets don't enjoy.

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