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March 11, 2008


Several Comments. Spitzer is a self absorbed egomaniac, who got pleasure not just enforcing the law but making violators make very public "perp walks" with all of the press present., so he could raise his hands in VICTORY It was all a game, and ALL about him. So now, when he is obviously hurting his DEM party, he is obviously hurting his State of NY and his slime is rubbing off on all of those who surround him, he has not resigned! Why? Because as always, it's all about him. He could care less about serving the public. His wife standing there is for no other reason than a political stance. She is only there, as a last ditch effort to quickly measure the public response. To see if the people buy into the fact that if SHE says it's ok, it must be ok, and maybe he can stay on as Governor. Again, all about him. If he just wanted to apologize, he could have done that alone. Short of King, Queen, President, or very high public official, there isn't anyone who would be required to apologize to the public. Queens don't apologize, we have had no female Presidents, and only a few women Governors, so the man standing behind the wife in a power position where an apology to the public was necessary,hasn't had many chances to occur.

Yes, you (and Anthony in a comment) get us thinking right about this. Some day, when more/most of our State and Federal government leaders are women, will we Americans have different reactions when they're caught in adultery? Will the husbands stand by as humbly, as humiliated? Our hearts go out to Silda Wall and to their children!!

Sorry to be late commenting here...but, this man, as you have said, was an egomaniac, who is being brought back to reality by karma, what-goes-around-comes-around, or whatever universal forces you choose to call it. His haughtiness, arrogance, and hypocritical acts were almost a dare-you-to-catch-me stance in the face of his past seek and destroy ways with illegal activities. He deserves EVERY horrible thing that happens to him now, but his wife and children are the real victims here. That look on his wife's face as she stands by him...I, for one, would have refused but...His wife will survive and move on and rise above this, but one of his daughters is seventeen...she is old enough to know what a hooker is and grasp what her father has done. She will spend some time in counseling, no doubt. Sometimes when alcoholics reach their "bottom", ie. lowest spot, they say it was a blessing, because having been brought to their knees, they are forced to realize there is a higher power at work in the universe. No doubt Eliot Spitzer is starting to realize he isn't in charge of life. Pride goeth before a fall...

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