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April 28, 2008


What a great shot! I love the Galleria, too.

Now if you could get shopping in there, you'd have the whole picture!

Wonderful juxtaposition.

It brings to mind a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche (why is he so difficult to spell) but I'll leave that for another time perhaps.

It's beautiful; it's geometrically neat and tidy; and nature is way, way out of it.

Ah, but there is nature: the sky, the wind, the clouds.

Yes, true, but the sky is somewhere we go to die (according to legend, etc.)

I think I probably meant good old-fashioned, life-giving photosynthesizers.

PS: visited yr blog Hattie and hurrah for 'working smart, not hard' - all of us should practise until we're experts.

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