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April 26, 2008


oh these are good last lines...I'll have to check it out in the few books I'm reading.

This is a great post!! Reader that I am, and rather prideful one on all she's read at that, I have to say there are too many her I've only heard of, never read. They are very, very thought provoking, and I long to read the whole book now. Thanks for this insightful post, and...don't we always want to know how something will end? I do anyway.

"Tell me how this ends." would have been a fine last sentence for almost all of those books. Sure wish I knew...

I've read a lot of these. Here's the last line from the one I just finished: "Was all for naught?" World Enough and Time by Robert Penn Warren. After that I needed something more comfortable, so I'm reading mysteries. Right now is the Ellis Peters series about Brother Cadfael.

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