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April 27, 2008


Absolutely. And then when your kids become parents a whole new set of surprises awaits you.

It's the hardest job I've ever loved. I look forward to someday seeing my children become parents and facing those surprises as Hattie mentions. I love the idea of always...

I so relate.
Beautiful words.

What I discovered is that they don't need me as much as I need them. So when I run over to "help" it's because I am lonely for them.

This is indeed the hardest, most interesting, most rewarding and at the same time most thankless job ever. But after 20 years of the "getting up and going to work" life, I would do it all over again to get what I have now. Even though at this moment the Queen appears to be torturing the boy in some manner or depriving him of something, so the referee is on duty.

Ahhh, yes. After several months my neighbors said, "Have you set that baby down yet?" Nope. She doesn't like being set down. I never could have imagined.

You have captured it to a T. Wonderful post!

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