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April 29, 2008


Imagine what prompted them to put up that sign.

Many cemeteries around here don't allow real flowers (they have to be cleaned up). It's sad really. I'm not having a grave because I don't want plastic flowers and someone might feel obligated to leave me some.

Yes, imagine: the commerce of death.

Somebody has to pay.

It's poignant as well. Some people who can't pay want their loved ones buried in a cemetary.

Nice blog, MotherPie - and as someone who doesn't have children I'm interested in the equal and opposite 'state of always'.

We have many small cemetaries around the Big Island of Hawaii. The most poignant one is half covered by a 1960 lava flow, all that's left of Kapoho, once a little fishing village in the Puna District. Some of the grave markers are in Japanese. A few years ago we were down there and picked up two sprouted coconuts. I put them on the grass in front of my house and they rooted and have grown into husky Samoan palms with abundant coconuts.

Like the sign -- have always found humor in so many posted signs.

Cemetaries have never held much fascination for me, but understand the meaning they hold for some. Seems like a leftover idea from earlier centuries whose time has come for evolution.

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