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April 09, 2008


Hi, there, MotherPie. I "stumbled" on your blog through joared's. Wonderful!! I lived in Tularosa for @18months, and fell in love with the high desert. Lived for a short while in Taos, working on a log cabin/law office. With your permission I'd love to add you to my blogroll. That's my elderblogger site. The Good Musician is all about music. Looking forward to reading more. BTW, Texas has one and only one woman-owned indie bookstore, BookWoman, at

Wow! I really love this post! Lots of interesting things to check out.

Funny you mention Anadarko, OK -- I'm addicted to the Holly Hunter series "Saving Grace" and her character's name is Grace Anadarko.

I have patio stepping stones with the Zia symbol on them. Found them in ABQ, took them to our house in Oklahoma, and had to bring them with me to Texas when we moved here. I like the meaning behind it, I'm glad it's on the quarter for my birth state.

Interesting, The Private Ladies' Detective Agency, Mmmm Rowtisie (spelling?) got her start as a Forensic Accountant. Not intentionally, she was good with numbers, and had a job keeping the books for her Uncle. She found embezzlement... and hence... her new profession!
No spring yet?

Christian Lander, the "Stuff White People Like" blogger, is a Canadian. I was just up there and I really had to restrain myself and not crack up at all the white stuff white people do up there.
We white folks like to imagine everything we do is value neutral.

Correction. Not value neutral but rather superior.

Nice ramble through Napa springtime, which is perfect for me. Although Lola does have one of the finest sights to fly over, anywhere in the world, Central Park in the spring. Regardless of the fact it sits among millions of people, once inside the park, it's as perfect as any park anywhere I have ever been.

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