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April 05, 2008


Ah, those teachable moments. We couldn't leave the driveway if seatbelts weren't buckled. Our youngest once had a fit when the car moved in the driveway and he wasn't yet buckled. Now this same child still wears his seat belt...even when he gets ticketed for having a bit of a lead foot! Sigh.

The Queen at four will remind her father and me to buckle up. But I imagine that pig snort thing will come in handy in future. In 8th grade a classmate of mine lost 3 siblings to a single-car wreck. The newly-licensed 16-year-old was driving. Raining, slick curvy road. All three instantly killed (the other 2 were twins in my brother's class). Jeff was not in the car with them because he was home sick that day. Their mother ended up writing a book about it, something about laying up treasures in heaven. It's been over 30 years, so I don't know if it's still in print.

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