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May 03, 2008


Right on! to your mama and her recycling ways! And her composting ways...I need to find out how to compost or just get off my butt and do it. It is so good for the earth. I am not of the Depression era, and I still have trouble throwing things away. I don't know...I just keep thinking some day I will need it or want it! So I have enough junk (make that, great stuff!) to fill another house and IT DRIVES MY HUSBAND CRAZY! One time he threw out one of my catalogs and we almost got divorced! Magazines are a big deal in our family (of origin)! Bless your mama's green heart! And all those books she has read this year...I am so impressed that she read Obama's book since she is a staunch republican. Or is it just your dad who is? Anyway, kudos to her!

Composting's easy. You don't have to do it any fancy way. Just save all your garden waste and non-meat kitchen waste somewhere or other. You can even throw it in a plastic trash bag and let it sit around for a few months.
As a book on the subject I read once said, "Compost happens."

My mother would probably be greener if my stepfather would put up with it. And he DID live through the depression. He was literally dirt poor and yet he has no problem throwing things away. I finally talked them into crushing the plastic containers so they don't take up so much room, but they won't even recycle newspapers. I was going to try composting, but a friend of mine did it and ended up with a maggot-filled mess. Obviously there is more to it than we thought.

I am probably one of your mother's generation ( or pretty close to it having been born just before the 39-45 war.
I have obviously passed on my habits to my daughter as she is now as big a recycler as I am! She is also turning into my mother since she preseves and pickles everything in sight!
In Cardiff we have green bins for recycling and black bins for anything which can't be recycled and it takes us weeks to half fill the black bin!

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