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May 29, 2008


I don't like the t-shirt... it's pale in comparison to Obama's well-targeted, defined strategy -- which you have so eloquently stated here.

Take the housing market, job losses, and a recession. Then total up the ENTIRE costs of just the Democratic campaign alone (not that the other side didn't spend). Time magazine said that in 2007 alone that the Obama-Clinton camps had crossed $100million together. That does not include Edwards. That does NOT include 2008 (which is larger just for the primary alone). So let's say just for these two its north of $400million, AND we have a National campaqign to run now. The total for both sides, all primaries, ads etc, will cross over $1 billion. At these time (ant ANY time) is this not a true tragedy. With every candididate a multi millionaire, and each making seven figutes a year on top of what they have saved, does this seem crazy to anyone else? The government should give each candidate xx amount of dollars, give them each time on a platform, and require a position paper from each. Then we vote. Watching a billion go by as each candidates machine takes turns stretching truths about the other in embarassing.

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