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May 10, 2008


Fascinating! And those black and white shots of Hilary...I work with someone just like that.

I love the shot of Obama on the front of Time...he looks so open and real. I knew, when he started running, that for some he would be too black, and for some he would be too white. I knew they would pick him to death...and maybe he had to toughen up; after all, he would have to be the MAN to make that call at 3a.m. should it come. But, he has had a baptism of fire. I hope he doesn't lose sight of his dream. I hope he can carry forward with the Martin Luther King way of thinking. The Nelson Mandela way of thinking. I think he is, on his worst day, a better choice than Hillary. I was raised Republican and every one in my family is Republican. I loved it when Obama was on a roll and everyone had the new, fresh bandwagon energy of before Rev. Wright. One would have thought it was the second coming! That bandwagon was so enticing with Caroline Kennedy standing up there and quoting JFK. I admire McCain for the person he is. I revere his service to our country and praise his image as a previous prisoner of war during my error, as I watched on TV as the prisoners were coming home finally. I think our country is in a mess, and I want change. I am more interested in fixing America than Iraq. Having said that, I support our military and our kids over there but can't bear to see another flag draped coffin of our brightest and best. I even don't completely blame Bush for our problems. I will give him that. But, I want change. Do I think Obama can bring change?...I'd like to give him a chance. Do I think he can beat McCain? Don't know? Will I be sick if McCain gets in? No, I think is he is fine man...but something's gotta give. I am part of the middle class and I am feeling the pinch. Anyone feeling it?

p.s. LOVE the Obama print with arugula "available at Whole Foods...that's a store, you ignorant hicks!" Mercy...that is cold ! Not him, but I like it...think it is hysterical.

Hmm. What about the use of red and blue? Can he unite us all, red-staters and blue staters?
I think you are right that this has been a campaign of images.

Love these posters -- they have this vintagey-all American feel to them that says "summertime."
And I especially love the catchy little phras: Mamas for Obama. That is genius.

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