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May 09, 2008


Your post today again touch a chord. Since moving to East Texas, the slower lifestyle, small town charm, I reconnected with gardening and canning.
Here, still the growing of fresh vegetables, canning anything that can be grown and sharing with a neighbor is routine. I will never forget going to get a lease the first month in Nacogdoches. I left with a sack full of canned okra, jellies and jams, and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. This, given to me by a couple I had just met hours before.....,
Will I experience any of this in Oklahoma (when I move back)?" I think not, but my plan is to have a garden and 'plant the seeds for change'......, even though I will have a very small place, I will have a small garden. I will can, and stock in my pantry those homemade treats for just the right person to pass on a forgotten 'gift of the land"!

I agree. I MISS farming. The smell of rich soil.

Yeah. I miss it.

Barbara Kingsolver wrote a book about trying to live on what they grew - they moved back to Kentucky from Arizona because they couldn't make it work. I wish I could remember the title. We don't have enough sun to grow anything much. We have basil in pots and a couple of tomato plants on the deck.

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