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May 08, 2008


MotherPie, this should be in the NYT as a mantra for all Americans. All of your points are so well-grounded on common sense and science.
I'm really counting on my garden this year!

I do enjoy how you write and what you choose to write about. Maybe you should write a book!

Moss, huh? I have quite a bit in my back yard already. I have plenty of shade and poor soil!

I've always grown garlic around my roses. It started by accident, when I put roses where garlic had always grown (but I didn't know it at the time). Then I read where that was a good idea for the roses. Chives would certainly look better though- garlic gets big and ugly! Not that I ever worried about rose pests. My yard has enough onion grass to keep most critters away.

It's very important, I think, to support CSA's; we've been doing so since we've stopped having our own vegetable garden. I'm very interested in spreading how to cook and eat, but honestly--if you commuted an hour each way to your job, and worked an 8 hour + day, could you face coming home to cook a meal? I know that every night when we're cleaning up, my husband and I remark on how impossible it must be for anyone who doesn't work at home to do so.

I'd like to know how people who work at a "job" job do it.

Where I live in Hawaii we get 120 inches of rain a year, and our lot is on deep volcanic soil. Before you envy me, let me say that we have so many pests and weeds that it is tough to get vegetable crops. What we do well with are bananas, avocados, citrus, and breadfruit. We have Med flies, so we have to put out traps for them. Not your typical American garden. I had to learn a completely new way of gardening when we came here.

It is very interesting that when I moved to New Mexico from Dallas, I realized I was totally ignorant of gardening and growing. Here in New Mexico people know that the last frost is May 15th, so don't plant before then and the first frost is shortly after Oct. 1st in Santa Fe. My co-workers all plant and have gardens of vegetables. They all compost and recycle bring each other worms and things you need to be a serious gardener. But Santa Fe and much of New Mexico is crunchy granola like that. We had no seasons in Dallas...shorts at Thanksgiving. So, I learned that it was indeed a short growing season here and to enjoy it. It is wonderful at work when people tell everyone to come pick their apples or peaches or plums. They brought me their hollyhock seeds the first year I lived here and invited me to come take as they thinned out their "red hot pokers", a flower here! Maybe it was because I was a city girl; I never knew these almanac facts. I didn't know the plants or trees they had here...all different from Dallas. The people here love and appreciate the earth. No doubt, the Native Americans have contributed to that way of thinking. Love the idea of three plant partners...the three sisters. I also agree with your thoughts on Vit D. They scared us out of the sun, and now we are deficient in it. But not me, I am out there for 30 mins. every morning watering my plants. Best of all, I love the Native American stance on making choices based on seven generations. If we all made that consideration, what a better world it would be.

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