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May 27, 2008


I used to love high, high heels when I was in college. Now I wouldn't do that even if I could, but these are kind of a cool idea if you can adjust the height of the heel too. After seeing pictures of the feet of geisha and how they used to have to torture themselves to mold their feet, I shutter when I think about any shoes that are uncomfortable and worn just for the sake of... whatever. I think my years in pointe shoes were bad enough!

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You know how errant drivers are sometimes taken to the morgue to see the results of auto accidents? I would like to see a "foot tour" through skilled nursing homes to view the feet of old women. The ancient Chinese foot binding practice has nothing on U.S. women and what many do to their feet with fashion shoes.

I'll admit to still liking high heels for special occasions, but we're talking 2 inches here. I have fairly small feet, and really high heels having me practically en pointe. Normally I wear New Balance or my Birkenstocks. (Around here I am the token granola Mama.)

beauty is pain, ladies.

One word: Keens.

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