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May 02, 2008


After living in Oklahoma for 14 years and now back in Texas, I cringed a bit looking at the link to "If Celebs...". I can't say I loved everything about living there, but no place is perfect. There are good, warm-hearted, hard-working folks in OK, just like in every state. There is much to be said for roots while they are still there. My trips back to my home city are not the same. No extended family, no ancestral homesteads. Your circuitous trip home is a joy to read. Thanks for sharing it!

What about this Oklamhoma law that women have to consent to vaginally invasive ultrasounds in order to get abortions? It's tough to believe in the goodwill of people who would allow a law like that to pass.

i'm studying for my 5 exams in starbucks...yesterday i spent a little over 10 hours here...i've made friends with all employees, and a few frequent of my new employee-friends (who gives me free coffee and royal-lattes) sat with me to read this blog-post.... he liked it so much, that my computer was taken behind the counter (for a good 15 min) while the other employees read your blog...

--your blog gave me a much needed study break and also gained you a few more readers!--

this blog post is my favorite of yours so far....(although the story of the plane having problems and having to stop....that freaked me out a bit and probably wont help with my flying-induced panic attacks)

...oh well....back to studying! keep up the beautiful blogging miss motherpie dearest!

also: about the comment posted by Hattie.....
....all i have to say about that disturbing law is:

OMG! and WTF!

...i guess the more things change...the more they stay the same... one step forward, two steps backwards for feminism in okc....

Have to agree with NYC Starlet...this is the BEST post! We love it when you tell us about YOU! I loved hearing about your family of origin. Oklahoma has always intrigued me after seeing the Oklahoma land rush of the 1800's in the movie "Far and Away". I have now been through there many times on my way driving to Arkansas and I have to say...I yuv it! (NYC starlet said that when she was 3 about tasting calamari which her dad told her she wouldn't like!)I love Ok. City, and I love Norman and OU and I love that eastern sector as you drive through the lake and hills that mean I am almost to Arkansas. I also now enjoy flying into Tulsa and driving that pretty drive on the Cherokee turnpike through the hills into Springdale, Arkansas. I love the small townishness of it. Even Ok. City seems small town-ish to me. But it is full of salt-of-the-earth people. Good Bible belt people-God-fearin' people. And Southern people who had the courage to literally rise from the ashes of the Murrah Bldg. And, best of all, Oklahoma is the home of your of the most charming ladies I have ever had the pleasure to know...AND my second cousin-our only living key to the past on my daddy's side. (Only southern girls call their fathers "daddy" when they(girls) are 59 years old!)The South (and Oklahoma is half "the South" and half midwestern to me)still charming and full of ?able rules...but if you put me there...put me in a small town! For you, my dearest good for the soul it is to visit our homes of the past...especially the home you grew up in! Yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same...except for gas prices...WTF...OMG...LOL !!!!!!!!!!

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