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June 02, 2008


I hadn't heard about Jay's new movie, should be interesting. I think your memories of some events may be different than FatherPie's. I know it's that way in our house. There are things I don't even recall taking place that my husband does, and then others that he just doesn't remember correctly at all!! :)

A diary is good for the writer, and probably not meant to be published. That is , unless it was written to be published and if that is the case, is it really a diary? A"memoir" can accurately describe truthful events as the writer is willing to convey. Probably not much in there about close personal details regarding anger,love, or other affairs of the heart. I would not want to read my mother's diary, yet for genealogical purposes, I would love to get my parents ideas and thoughts on things. Maybe not including where i ws conceived!

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