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June 01, 2008


Only a few years ago, I discovered I can actually take a decent photo. My favorites are taken when we are driving somewhere, only we don't stop for me to take the shot.

If I get a good photo, it's an accident. But I appreciate the artists of photography.

Get a camera that has a quick shutter speed. I did before my oldest daughter was married last August and it makes a huge difference, Allison. I can take photos out of the car window!!! And they aren't blurry!!! My latest digital camera: a Canon Digital Elph Power Shot SD870 IS.

I have that cat, but her non-blue eye is a lighter green than this one. Only now she's 8 years old and has gotten so fat she can't reach her back to wash. Not very photogenic anymore. We are in the market for a new digital camera. Thanks for the recommendation!

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