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June 29, 2008


Sorry that you hurt your leg. Those are interesting points about the Kindle. I resisted the ipod for music, but really love it now. Maybe the Kindle will be the same way.

Hope you feel better, and find wonderful books to read while you are healing.

Oh MotherPie, I'm sorry you are in a cast. Take it easy, do lots of reading, and heal quickly!

Sorry about your foot - I hate it when you try something new and it bites you back. I hadn't considered the Kindle for inbed reading, but it would sure be easier on the wrists. Particularly something like Harry Potter. But I think even if I got one, I would always want my paper books.

Sorry to hear about your foot, but, really -- aren't there lots of new activities to try other than kick boxing??? *smile*

I heard Jeff Bezos describe at length the Kindle in an intro on Charlie Rose. I was intrigued but not quite ready to cough up the dollars they wanted. The book publishing industry is already on the skids and it's just a matter of time -- if they survive it won't be operating as they have for so many years.

Whether it's books or music, I just want the artists to have great exposure, distribution and reimbursement for their creations. So far, I'm not convinced most musicians are better off in the current music industry. Let's hope that improves and book authors benefit from the new book world emerging.

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