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June 21, 2008


Not sure how far back your going, but I remember my bike with the banana seat and the high-rise handle bars, 10 speed came much later for me.
We used baby oil to get our nice rich tans, guess that's why my skin looks like crap now.

Love the two pics -- can't imagine how anyone could feel comfortable with a string between the nates.

The tanning scenario is just a wee bit different for those of us with red hair. Yes, even those of you with darker hair had to be careful with baby oil as know of one gal using it, mixed into some concoction. She kept at it. Understand the following summer she suffered severe sunstroke and would have to stay out of the sun ever after.

Hope you visit your dermatologist periodically, 'cause as you get older, you could find you're at greater risk for some skin issues surfacing when our cells begin to wear out. No commercial products prevent that inside out change no matter what the commercial advertisers try to make you believe about rubbing on their product. They just want your money and have some research of questionable value, miniscule benefits, to back up their claims.

Recall my first bike -- I was lucky to have an old two-wheeler that had been a neighbor's then grown daughter's, they let my Mom buy for me during WWII -- couldn't get bikes and rubber tires then.

The big summer fear when I was a kid was polio. We never got to swim, so I didn't learn to swim until after I was grown up.
My daughter plasters sunscreen on her kids whenever the sun comes out: in Seattle! Maybe she could loosen up a little on that.
My dr. sez try to get 10 minutes a day of sun on your skin, to protect your bones. It's the prolonged sunbathing that is bad for your skin.

I usually used suntan lotion (as opposed to sunscreen), but I also tanned pretty easily without doing anything. I haven't bothered in about 15 years. People have to wear sunglasses when they look at me, but I no longer really care what I look like. Too busy chasing children!

Our grand grandmothers were right, when they claimed that one should wear hats and never get out in the sun. It IS dangerous.

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