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June 07, 2008


I really like your idea of email for books for (semi)cheap. Let me know when you get it done.

I read, on the average, two books a week -- one fiction; one non-fiction and have done so for years. I am old-fashioned -- I don't like e-books.

There is an issue here. First, we berate ourselves (justifiably) about being sedentary. Secondly, we are accused of spending too much time online (I am just assuming we are READING). Lastly, we grieve, because we might possibly read less than we used to? I think polls may be based on the question "do you read BOOKS as much as you used to"? If all of the articles and stories I now read online, were newspapers , magazines and books, I think my stack today would be taller than it used to be.

I can't imagine not reading a BOOK; it is hard for me to read a screen, and I'm not as careful a reader when I'm on one. I like 3 dimensionality of a book in my hands.

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