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July 27, 2008


What do you think is the message of the new media? Or is it too early to tell?
My feeling is that the effects are mostly positive.

I think the visuals become more important (color screens in front of us) to get our attention. I think how we direct attention is important -- we're moving from passive to active, media-wise w/ online learning and media with links.
BUT... I still think the deep reading is important for the imagination and grasping deep concepts so the long read (magazines, journals, books) will continue to exist. my opinion, hattie.

This interests me greatly. I think we need to have the deep thinking emphasized again. Living on sound bytes is a starvation diet! I was surprised when my grandson told me that he was learning to use the computer in kindergarten. I'd rather they taught him to read first.

I think there is little doubt that with neurological connections forming in young children, technology will have a significant effect on how they're "wired" in many different functional areas, including thinking.

My granddaughter's public school in Va. routinely issues laptops to each student for take home use throughout the school year. This began several years ago when she was still in grade school. I wonder how long before all schools do the same? Those students in schools without this benefit will be part of a great technology divide.

"...going through the disruptive and unsettling technological rapids to the calmer waters of a more enlightened age?"

Though I wish this were the case (oh look, someone still uses the subjunctive), very little of what I see in public discourse would lead me to the approach of a new age of enlightenment. Read Carr's article and find it very useful for a discussion of how we differ from one generation to another.

Accounts for my puzzlement when 20-somethings respond in ways I do not expect, do not quite understand. You, of course, live very close to them, so I look to you for more.

Hattie, this is an excellent post, one I'll return to to follow more of the links. Have you seen Ronni Bennett's call for posts that deal with ideas in depth that she'd post links toward? The above would be perfect.

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