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July 24, 2008


Funny this marketing a candidate like Coke. Beneath this I'm discovering a lot of ambivalence about Obama, not just in myself but in most people I talk to about him, not the 100% enthusiasm among supporters I remember for figures like Eisenhower or Reagan. Perhaps younger people have a different take on him. But in a recent discussion on Grit TV with Laura Flanders, a young black man, when asked how he felt about Obama seemed to think he was OK but nothing to get excited about.
It could be that the lack of nuance in his ads and his campaign speeches is bothering voters.

You, like the rest of the press, make political commentary. Your story is supposedly about BOTH candidates and their marketing. Funny that it takes you four Obama photos to one for McCain and roughly 90 percent of your text to get your information across. John McCain may be old, stodgy, boring, whatever you like, but he is one of two candidates for the highest office on earth. Last time I looked at the poll of polls by CNN, Obama leads 44% to McCain's 41%. So that leaves 15% undecided. Therefore 56% of America is not ready to crown Obama King quite yet, even as he takes victory laps around the world. However, the press spends 80% of their political space on him. When I was in first grade, the teacher used to give the slow kids a head start when we ran races, just to be fair! How much help does the guy need? Open any paper today and add up the coverage difference. Its embarrassing that the journalists are running the campaigns. I am not even a McCain fan. This is not a Miss America contest, so the fact Obama is cool, young or more interesting is immaterial. But, your writing is superb and I will read you everyday.

After holding back on political communications topics, I couldn't resist a pop back in. I think I touched on the unsettling nature of (yes, Hatte - ambivalence, too) and I'm getting feedback from regular readers that the campaign is unsettling, and even though I feel my coverage is unbiased, it is still "Obama, Obama." Voter sentiment has intrigue and fear - isn't that a new thing? The WSJ just came out with an article of how this is not Obama's race to lose, but his to win and voters remain uncomfortable with the candidate and have jitters whether he is "safe" while issues are playing a big role. 74% of voters feel the candidates are on the wrong track.

Slogans, what a great topic, and how hard it is to see how they work on us, prepare us for events.

Take the remarks attributed to Pres. Ahmadinjad of Iran which have become the rallying cry for an attack on Iran.

You know the one, Iran will "wipe Israel off the map." What could be more chilling or repugnant, especially given the tragic history of the Jewish people and the crime of the Holocaust.

Even with the extreme war fatigue in the US and elsewhere, if Israel or the US do bomb Iran, the raids will ride on that slogan.
That slogan will crush moral debate.

But alarm bells should be ringing since similar slogans, crafted out of fear and hate, paved the way for Iraq.

We now know those were clever lies. Who reading this knows that this quote is a lie as well? Ahmadinejad never spoke of wiping Israel off the map.

He spoke of the inevitability, as he saw it of regime change in Israel, of the Zionist govt disappearing from the pages of time.

Now that was very presumptious on his part, indeed very hostile, but it's not a genocidal threat.

This will happen, he predicts, due to Israel's not giving a fair deal to the Palestinians.

Agree or not, we have a seriously distorted quote, fuelling another war

That he did not mean Iran would attack, is shown by reading his whole 2005 speech and noting the examples he uses.

The kicking out of the Shah in his own country, is his first example. Then, the break up of the Soviet Union, and lastly the departure of Iran's arch enemy, Saddam Hussein, not due to Iran but the US.

The BBC has retracted its earlier translation and now is quietly switching over to

"The Iman said (Ahmadinejad was quoting Khomeini) this regime (the Zionist one) that is occupying Quods (Jerusalem) must be eliminated from the pages of history."

My brackets

We may be dragged to war on an intentionally falsified quote, one meant to demonize and instill fear. Mike

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