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July 30, 2008


Houston is over 600 square miles. You can walk across Manhattan in 35 minutes, river to river. I know there was also BBQ (Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens)but you had to cross water to get there. Two very different places, both have their pluses. Except, fewer know about Houston. Pro sports, world class Museums, Opera, Symphony, Ballet, Theater district, and you said it, NO STATE TAXES. Friendly people and Forbes just named it the #1 place to buy a home in U.S. (just out- I paid $1700 a square foot in NYC) ! RIce Univ. ranks in the top Universities in America and there are several more very good Colleges. If you can handle the heat, it's a great place. BTW, if you look up the weather, NYC and Houston have both had the same Hi temps all summer.

Houston is getting rave reviews all around. I like to visit but am glad I don't live in that much humidity year round. We spent a week there one afternoon-stuck on the freeway. I like a little bit more breathing room. However, if my daughter moves back to Texas, even Houston, I will give it a big yee-haw!

speaking of Houston, did you read this?:

Wow, magpie. Just from living in Houston and New York, I'm not surprised w/ the facts in your link: Houston recycles just 2.6 percent of its total waste...and New York recycle 69 percent.

The article actually says NYC is 34%, San Francisco is 69%. There is another article that takes several factors into ranking green cities:

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