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July 08, 2008


I am not a media savvy person, however, I do know what I see. Fox quit "reporting the news" a long time ago. In my opinion, they attempt to sway people to their point of view (and their angle is obvious), not tell me "facts". MSNBC is no better, they just take a different side. I was told a long time ago that "Facts tell, benefits sell", and both MSNBC and Fox are more interested in telling me the "benefits" to seeing things their way, from their point of view, as opposed to just telling me the facts and allowing those of us with a brain, to make a judgement call. Although it has not always been this way, CNN has done a better job "reporting the news", facts without attempts to make thing "fair" or "balanced". You know some things just aren't balanced, and I don't need a beauty pageant runner-up, with a community college journalism degree, explaining politics and Wall Street to me!

When fall comes, where will you be? Ah, with me, I know, watching I Love Somebody reruns.

I think it's a true tragedy all broadcasters don't strive to practice the highest journalistic standards -- a betrayal to the American people who have GIVEN them our airwaves to use, but they abuse. There was a time when some attempt was honestly made to provide balanced news accounts.

I suppose it's doubtful that their license to use our airwaves could be revoked, but I can't help wondering if a concentrated campaign of letter writing protests to the FCC for when such broadcaster's license renewals come up could make an impact over time.

But then, I'm sick of the opinionated rabble rousers who use inflamatory language to malign and attack opposite vewpoints -- don't watch them, either, including the ones who purport to support my position on issues. Pretty sad that such behavior seems to be what it takes to incite many individuals interests. All too often, something is "hot" for a day, then gone from coverage and consciousness.

I have had no use at all for Fox in many years, but this is truly appalling.

I'm so tired of the sound bite crowd -- especially the talking heads at Fox -- I may just give up on the news. Are you as tired of Election 2008 as I am? I want to vote "NO!!!!!!!!!" for president. Sigh

I wish I could say I'm surprised...

Hope all is well!!

Argh! Those people. What an immature and stupid thing to do. I wonder how they can call themselves journalists.

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