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July 28, 2008


Olive sounds fasinating so thank you for the link. I wonder if all we still be bloggin at such a grand age.

I discovered Olive shortly after I started blogging. It's so cool that she was able to do that at the end of her life and go out smiling.

Thanks Mother Pie for the lovely tribute to Ollie. You went to so much trouble that, if you'd like to borrow her film, (All About Olive) I'll send it to you.

A copy has just gone to another kind blogger in the US and can go onto you afterwards if you like. let me know a street address. (

It's really sad that this wondeful filmic portrait of Ollie (one hour) has not been, and probably wont be shown on PBS, Discovery or any other US TV channel because US TV, even PBS, rarely shows anything made overseas.

I would really appreciate anyone who wants to contact their local station, pointing out the amazing following Olive has in the US as evidenced by coverage on Good morning America, CNN, AP etc, and that they would do well to show it.

If the blog inspires, than the film does even more.

There is a link to the film distributor on the blog.

Bye, Mike Rubbo, Ollie's helper. We do miss her so much!

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