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July 13, 2008


earlier today another knitter sent me the DeBakey obit noting what you have. think that many will need to learn new skills in the difficult times ahead. hope everyone is open to non-traditional ideas; my own smart, gutsy spouse began to spin/knit/weave in his sixties. you never know!

Dr. DeBakey pioneered the procedure that saved my father's life. Four years ago, when he was 95, DeBakey sat in on my dad's surgery, being performed by his most acclaimed protege. I met him as he was heading toward the surgical suite. He wore huge, enormous clogs and had the sweetest face.

Public Discussion Forum for Pickens Plan : See you there !

My smart hubby taught himself guitar and now he's teaching himself piano. I REALLY want to put a windmill on top of the mountain. I'm sure we get enough wind to supply most of our needs.

Those photovoltaics do the job for us. And the solar hot water.
I don't need a smart guy to tell me that it's great to get a $.00 electric bill.

I've been driving past wind farms just off Interstate 10 between So. Calif. and Phoenix, AZ for years. I certainly admire the energy they provide, but they aren't very attractive, but then neither are oil derricks. The wind mills have also proven to be deadly for birds.

That said, there are quite a few populated areas the winds whip through that could be good sites for such windmills. We're prime here for solar systems with more sun than we know what to do with. I hope in the very near future more such systems will become more prevalent.

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