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August 29, 2008


Politicians insult my logic and intelligence. They point fingers and say "he voted this way-and that means xyz" when something was taken out of context. Obama and Biden point at McCain for owning real estate, like they aren't multi millionaires themselves. I am assaulted by people looking me in the eye, and absolutely lying to me. People throwing out any and everything you want to hear and promising it to you, yet never explaining how it will be paid. Twisting of sound bites for ads. People pointing and saying "he voted with the President or he voted against the President on that". Just some news for folks, Congresspeople sponsor bills, they go into committee, they get out of commiittee, they go to the floor for discussion. Bills are voted on, then passed to the Senate, the Senate votes and after that The President is the last one to sign it (NOT THE FIRST). If you don't like what is being put into law, Look at what the House proposes, and how the House and Senate then vote. People who just point to our World Economy, and any President and blame them miss the point of where the process takes place.Pay closer attention to who you put in place in the House and Senate.


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