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August 31, 2008


It's interesting, isn't it, how Palin is effecting everybody? Personally, I think it's a coupe...when Obama thought he might have had the cutting edge on youth and daring, along comes Sarah with her beautiful hair. Inner strength, and strong convictions, apparently accompany it. Hair is nice, character is even better. May we all look so good.

Bill Clinton and John Edwards each got one haircut and together they paid $900. Guess hair does matter. On Palin, funny how a peanut farmer who was Governor in Geargia and a young Governor from Arkansas, was enough experience when Carter and Clinton ran. Palin presides over billions of dollars in budget, has tens of thousands of employees, deals with courts, judges, appointments, State Treasurers, Attorney Generals, much the same as any CEO of a LARGE Corporation. They also are in charge of the National Guard for their State. It is a HUGE responsibilty to run a business like this, which is why every President we have elected since JFK has been a Governor. Senators don't run a business, they have a few staff and make laws. Not the same experience. I do like the fact that Alaska has no State Income tax and no sales tax. A year ago, few of us would have even considered any of these four as a member of a team running for the White House , so I will pay close attention what they do the next few months. Palin's poisitive popularity ratings are over 80%. Obama, Biden and McCain are all members of a group that has a lower popularity rating than even Bush or Cheney. People should pay attention to her!

George H.W. Bush, elected President in 1988, was never a governor. While he had his limits, and had other administrative experience, he did considerably better at governing than his two term governor and ne'er do well son, W.

Bill Clinton was the longest serviing governor in the US when he was elected President. Jimmy Carter had completed one term as Georgia's governor (and had his problems adjusting to Washington and getting things done).

Sarah Palin is an attractive woman with attractive hair. I don't much see what that has to do with her qualifications or ability to serve as a potential VP. Perhaps more relevant is the fact she is shorter than John McCain?

Frankly, her regressive politics are what I notice about her. I don't care how she wears her hair.

I heard she said that she adopted the "schoolmarm" look so she wouldn't like like the former beauty princess she really is.

Poor Bristol. Whatever the situation, it stinks that she has to be in the national spotlight for this.

I still suspect that Trig is Bristol's baby. I'll only believe he's not when I see her holding a newborn in four months. Geez - this is like a Lifetime movie...

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