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August 24, 2008


I like those, pretty and practical!

I'd say it's less what has gotten into you and more what you've gained - TIME to actually think about things like cooking from recipes!

My mom uses her good stuff every day, too. Me? I don't have "good stuff". When we got married, we already had a baby girl and nothing to call our own. The last thing I cared about was registering for china and crystal when I needed things like brooms and sheets!

We have a set of pottery dishes made by a friend who supplied several of us with wedding finery. Now he's so popular we can't get replacements. :)
We also have - and use - a set of dishes from the Mountain Man's mom that I love. (Johnson Brothers Fruit Sampler )
Also some Johnson Brothers Blue Willow that belonged to his grandmother, but that set got split up amongst the grandchildren who were interested, so we only have a few dessert plates.
I had good china from my first marriage, which I used fairly often (no kids from that union) but did not get custody of in the divorce.
I have a set of Christmas china (Nikko) that we start using right after Thanksgiving and well into January.

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