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August 16, 2008


Both of my parents grew up in Cincinnatti, not on a farm. Their upbringing was completely different than my mother in law who was a farm girl. I always wanted to hear about what life was like for my folks in the city during the depression. Their families weren't able to grow their own food and it was interesting to hear how they managed to contribute, even as children.
We grow tomatoes, but I would like to have a bigger garden, and my husband would love to cook with fresh herbs.

You would like it lots if you could whip up a garden of eatables. Fresh is best, they (me) always says.

We live in a small town and rural place, and even though we don't make our living from the land the land means a lot to us.

My grandfather was raised on a farm. My grandmother was raised in a farming community, but her single mother (having been abandoned by her husband when their oldest child became blind from scarlet fever) took in sewing and washing to support her 4 children. My other grandfather was a city kid. My grandmother was raised in the country and they had gardens but it wasn't a farm proper. We had gardens growing up, but never more than tomatoes, and the occasional squash or pumpkin. I have a tomato ready to ripen and 4 more tiny ones coming along. And my basil and mint, plus a couple of pepper plants and a watermelon which isn't thriving due to interference by the dogs.

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